A Purim in Amsterdam to remember

On March 16th approximately 150 Jewish Students and Young Professionals celebrated Purim with Chabad on Campus. This was certainly an evening to remember. In addition to all the tasty bites, delicious cocktails (and mocktails) it was for many a great opportunity to network and meet new friends. Because of Corona, it was not possible for a long time to hold large-scale events, which made this year’s Purim even more special with so many Jewish Students and Young Professionals in attendance.

If you could not make it, don’t worry! Scroll through the photos below to get a glimpse of this fantastic evening. Can’t get enough of the photos? Click here to view upcoming events.

Does it seem like these people are not having a good time and are therefore staring at their phones? You are clearly wrong…

Since printing the Megila and handing it out to everyone is a waste of paper, Chabad On Campus thinks it wise to offer an environmentally friendly alternative by showing a code that people can scan with their phone to digitally read the Megila.

Drinking (responsibly) is a mitzvah on Purim. But Purim is not just about alcohol. It is about celebrating with your friends in good company with real happiness!

We found out that Jamey, a Chabad On Campus participant from the very beginning (he has even joined us to a New York Trip) is the best Cocktail-Bartender in town making the fanciest (kosher) artisanal Cocktails. Thank you Jamey, and Nissim for helping us make this an unforgettable Purim celebration.

Of course, there were also mocktails for those who do not drink (or had too much alcohol 🙂

Costumes, carnival, laughter and the consumption of drinks make Purim quite popular!

Yet it was also a fast day.

This means that (the alcohol worked quickly and) there were also plenty of tasty bites of delicious food including vegetarian options and more than enough to choose from. Thank you to Esty for the delicious catering and to Lara, Fanni and Rivka for assisting her.

A party without music? That’s unheard of. Our in house professional Jazz musician, Nathan, entertained us with beautiful klezmer, covered current hits and created a festive atmosphere.
Jewish Purim students young professionals

A fundamental part of Purim is the megillah reading. Every year Chabad On Campus gives the stage to someone who wants to voluntarily read the megilla for everyone. Thank you Levy!

Aside from this, do you recognize this costume? This costume was awarded (by our Jury) as the best Purim costume of the year and a coupon for Starbucks! It is the one and only: Spinoza!
Jan van Brakel
Content Creator & Youth Worker at Chabad On Campus NL

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