Blazing Fires & Happy Faces at the Lag Ba’Omer BBQ 2022

Thursday on May 19th was our Kick off the Summer Lag Ba Omer BBQ! Celebrating Lag Ba’Omer with a huge group of Jewish Students and Young Professionals was a blast last Thursday. The atmosphere was electric and the BBQ was well used and busy grilling throughout the evening. 

Although Lag Ba’Omer fell mid-week this year, we’re happy so many students and young professionals made time in their busy schedules to come to this event, especially to those coming outside of Amsterdam 🙂 

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Scroll through the photos below to get a glimpse of this fantastic BBQ. Can’t get enough of the photos? Click here to view upcoming events.

The lines for the BBQ only stopped when the sun went down and not to worry, there was food galore with both vegan and vegetarian options. To accompany our BBQ’ed veggies and meats there was a salad bar, pita and every kind of dip you can imagine from hummus to chimichurri. 

A huge thank you to Esty for expertly catering the event, the lines for the BBQ show just how delicious it all was. Yanki can be seen busy slicing up meat and happily feeding the hungry students.

Happy Jewish faces can be seen all around, eating, chatting and socialising!

This event was a great way to meet with old friends and see some new faces especially before the Summer Break where many students will be travelling.

We rounded off the evening by roasting marshmallows on the bonfire that blazed throughout the whole night as is Lag Ba’Omer tradition. Deep in a discussion about how roasted is a too roasted marshmallow.

No Lag Ba’Omer is complete without a bonfire! See you at our next event follow us on Instagram for more pictures!

Amit Ben Ari

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