Jewish Learning Circle - Freedom of religion vs Freedom of expression

Jewish Learning Circle, a place for discussion and dialogue on socially relevant topics related to Judaism!

November 21st, 2023

November 21st, 2023

Have you ever had burning questions about Judaism? Do you enjoy discussion and dialogue about Jewish topics? During the Jewish Learning Circle, we cover socially relevant topics. Deepening your knowledge of millennia-old wisdom and strengthening your critical thinking skills will inspire you to look at modern issues from a broader perspective and make choices.

This week, the theme is Freedom of religion vs Freedom of expression

It is not necessary to have any knowledge of Judaism or Hebrew to participate in the lessons. On the contrary, the Jewish Learning Circle offers a safe and respectful environment in which there is a dialogue rather than a monologue. This means that asking questions and sharing opinions is not only allowed, but encouraged!

Every week we have a new discussion theme that covers several topics. Everyone is welcome, so whether you are a weekly Learning Circle participant or a newcomer, know that your time and input are valued.

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