Purim Cocktail Event

It is time for the one and only: Purim Cocktail event at Chabad On Campus! Don't miss this event!

March 6th 2023

March 6th 2023

After a year of waiting, it is finally time for the one and only Purim Cocktail event at Chabad On Campus! Put on your craziest costume and enjoy luxurious drinks made by our very own bartender.

After being at home for a year due to Corona, Chabad On Campus will ensure that this event will be an unforgettable evening full of laughter, friends, drinks and joy.

The event is for Students & Young Professionals Together we will read the Megilla! If you come from outside Amsterdam, Chabad On Campus will reimburse half of the travel costs. However, you must register before February 23.


Experimenters: €10

Young Professionals: €18

Donations can be done through:

https://tikkie.me/pay/StChabadNL/77t93aedEu81NS63k1J6i6 (TIKKIE)

https://useplink.com/payment/jLDNNSHXX0Dwv1jzALMRk/ (CC)

You can register for the best Purim event in the Netherlands through the registration form.

(check www.chabad.org for halachic times)

Registration form

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Chabad on Campus is made possible by donations from institutions and individuals. We are grateful that you are also considering supporting our work for the benefit of the future of Jewism in the Netherlands.

Stichting Chabad on Campus has an ANBI status, which means that donations are tax deductible in most cases.