Shofar and 2nd Rosh Hashanah dinner

Missed out on the spectacular Rosh Hashanah dinner on Friday? Or are you ready to once again immerse yourself in the vibrant and engaging Dutch Jewish youth community of Holland? Join us on Sunday, September 17th, as we come together to herald in the second night of Rosh Hashanah with the resounding call of the shofar in the heart of Amsterdam!

Sep 17th 2023

Sep 17th 2023

Unlike our grand Friday dinner, Sunday evening will embrace an intimate, cozy ambiance that resonates with a sense of togetherness. Embrace the spirit of the Jewish new year alongside fellow Dutch and international Jewish students as well as young professionals.

This dinner presents a wonderful o pportunity to forge new connections, forge new friendships, or rekindle old ones, all within an inviting and familiar setting.

Event details

  • The Rosh Hashanah Dinner #2 is set to begin on Sunday September 17th at 6 PM. As we relish the meal, a brief pause will be taken during which the shofar will be sounded
  • The exact venue details will be shared upon registration; however, the event will be situated near the Zuidas (in proximity to the Amsterdam-Zuid train station)


  • Participation in this cozy Rosh Hashanah dinner at Chabad on Campus comes at no cost
  • If you would like to contribute to Chabad on Campus or sponsor this event, you can do so through our dedicated donation link:

Ready to join us? Secure your spot by completing the simple registration form provided on this page!

High Holiday Season
For a comprehensive overview of this year’s High Holiday schedule and the array of engaging Chabad on Campus events that await you, kindly consult this page.

Don’t miss out on this chance to embrace tradition, connect with like-minded individuals, and celebrate Rosh Hashanah in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We look forward to sharing this memorable occasion with you!


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