Shabbat Dinner - Jewish Students & Young professionals

"The place to be" on Friday nights! Exquisite cuisine, interesting participants and fascinating conversations A special Shabbat moment with dozens of Jewish students and Young Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad. The time to expand your network, make new friends and confirm your identity.

January 14 2022

January 14 2022

The busy working week with your studies or work and going out is coming to an end. Just before you really start to relax, it is nice to celebrate Shabbat on Friday evening. The ideal moment to enjoy pleasant company while enjoying a glass of (kosher) wine and a heavenly dinner. Every week, dozens of Jewish students and Young Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad sit together at the table in Amsterdam’s Zuidas.

Together they ring in the Shabbat at Chabad on Campus. Chabad on Campus is the central meeting point for young Jewish people in the Netherlands. Over the past nine years, more than a thousand young people have taken part in our unique Friday evenings. Shabbat meetings at Chabad on Campus provide you with the perfect environment to expand your network and make friends.


The Shabbat dinner at Chabad on Campus is absolutely free. If you would like to make a donation to Chabad on Campus or sponsor a Shabbat celebration, you can do so via this link.


The activities of Chabad on Campus almost always take place around the Zuidas (in the area of Amsterdam Zuid station). You will receive the exact location of the activity after registration.

For some, Shabbat at Chabad On Campus symbolizes the end of the week, for others the start of a celebration. Either way, for many, the Shabbat meals at Chabad On Campus are the highlight of their week!

Shabbat Time

  • 16:30 pm – candles lighting and the start of Shabbat
  • 19:00 pm – Shabbat dinner @ Chabad on Campus
  • 17:44 pm (January 15th) – End of Shabbat

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Other activities

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A unique Passover celebration for Jewish Students and Young Professionals.

Shabbat Dinner, the Pesach edition – April 26th


Chabad on Campus is made possible by donations from institutions and individuals. We are grateful that you are also considering supporting our work for the benefit of the future of Jewism in the Netherlands.

Stichting Chabad on Campus has an ANBI status, which means that donations are tax deductible in most cases.