Yom Kippur October 4: Pre-Fast Meal and Kol Nidrei Service

Together, we usher in the holiest day of the year with a pre-fasting meal and Kol Nidre shul service.

Yom Kippur October 4

Yom Kippur October 4

On Tuesday evening, 4 October, we will gather for the start of the holiest day of the year: Yom Kippur. Come to Chabad on Campus to participate in our accessible shul service, with explanations in English so everyone can join in. Besides young people and students, other members of our community are also welcome to spend this special day together in Amsterdam Zuid.

Prior to the shul service (Kol Nidrei), there is the opportunity to enjoy a meal together before the 26-hour fast begins. There is also air-conditioning and comfortable chairs throughout the shul service.

Location: Due to security concerns, the location will be announced via the acceptance email after registration.


5:30 pm Pre Fast Meal

6:40 pm Start of Fast

7:20 PM Kol Nidre

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