Founding of Nederlands-Joods Studenten Overleg

May 16 2024

Dear fellow students,

Following the announcement of our founding, we would like to expound  on certain aspects of the council:

• The NJSO (Nederlands-Joods Studenten Overleg – Dutch-Jewish Student Council) will aim to serve as an official representative body for Jewish students enrolled at Dutch universities and colleges.

• The primary objective of the NJSO will be to articulate the interests and concerns of Jewish students, and to develop long term strategies on our behalf.

• The interim board will consist of ten students. We expect an input of 2-4 hours per week, as well as your presence at the bi-weekly meeting.

• After having laid the foundations of the NJSO, there will be elections to choose a board that consists of delegates from all universities and colleges in the Netherlands with a maximum board-count of 24.

• NJSO is an initiative of the national student rabbinate – Chabad on Campus NL – but will function independently. The decision-making process will be solely dependent on the majority vote of the student boardmembers.

• The application deadline is May 23rd.

As a member of the board of the NJSO, you will be able to have a great and lasting impact. We therefore hope for our brightest and most talented students to step forward and show leadership, commitment, and integrity. We look forward to hearing from you through

Together and united we will ensure a bright future for us all.

Am Yisrael Chai!

The interim chair, vice chair and statutory advisor of the NJSO

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