300 Students and Jewish Young Professionals Celebrate Passover Seder with Chabad on Campus in Amsterdam

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Approximately 300 Jewish students and young professionals recently gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam to attend the Chabad on Campus Seder. The tables were beautifully set for the Passover Seder celebration, creating a lovely atmosphere for the attendees. The event provided a second option for those who couldn’t celebrate at home with their families, including some students who were in Amsterdam on exchange.

The Chabad on Campus organization is dedicated to providing a Jewish community and support network for Jewish students and young professionals around the world. The Passover Seder is one of the most significant events in the Jewish calendar, and it is celebrated by Jews all around the world.

Jewish Students & Young Professionals Passover

According to Rabbi Yanki Jacobs, director of Chabad on Campus in Amsterdam, “Our goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish students and young professionals. We want to help them connect with their heritage and celebrate their traditions in a meaningful way.”

The Passover Seder is a ritual feast that commemorates the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt. It is celebrated on the first two nights of Passover, which usually falls in late March or early April. The Seder includes a retelling of the Exodus story, the eating of symbolic foods, and the singing of traditional songs.

The Chabad on Campus Seder in Amsterdam was a beautiful and meaningful experience for the 300 youngsters who attended. Some students were in Amsterdam on exchange and were thrilled to have a place to celebrate. “Obviously, at home with family is better, but this is a beautiful second option,” said one attendee.

Others were Dutch, and this was their first-ever Seder celebration. “I am Jewish, but my family doesn’t celebrate,” said 28-year-old Naomi, who attended the event. “When my friend told me about this event, I registered. It is so nice to meet other young Jews.”

The evening ended on a high note, with the singing of “Echad Mi Yodea” and “Leshana Habaaa Biyersuhalayim,” which means “next year in Jerusalem!” Rabbi Jacobs noted that the Passover Seder is a time for hope and renewal. “We look forward to next year’s Seder in Jerusalem,” he said.

The Chabad on Campus organization has been providing support and community for Jewish students and young professionals for over 10 years. The Passover Seder in Amsterdam is just one of the many events they organize throughout the year. The organization’s goal is to help young Jews connect with their community, heritage and traditions, no matter where they are in the country.

Overall, the Chabad on Campus Seder in Amsterdam was a beautiful and meaningful celebration of the Passover holiday. It brought together hundreds of young Jewish professionals from around the world, providing them with a sense of community and connection during a time when it is especially important.

Below the pictures of the event:

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