Trip Tip #3: Camping next to the Kineret – Sea of Galilee

As part of the summer Trip Tips in Israel, I was asked by Chabad on Campus to give a bit of an insight into what there is to do in Israel while on holiday here. As someone who has lived in Israel for more than 4 years, and has travelled the country extensively, the touristy activities are becoming a bit boring. That is why I always try to find new places and explore beyond what is commonly known. Usually, I do this by going camping with friends somewhere in the nature that Israel has to offer.

Every year with a big group of friends we try to find a location somewhere in Israel and camp over for a few nights and enjoy our time. This year we decided to go to the Sea of Galilee, or more commonly known in Israel as the Kineret. Finding a secluded spot on the Kineret can be challenging in the summer. The Kineret is a freshwater lake located in the North of Israel. The biggest town connected to it is Tiberias.

The Kineret is a popular spot for a few reasons, but mainly the calm fresh water and the beautiful beaches around it cause it to be a perfect spot for a day trip. Furthermore, the Sea of Galilee is commonly known by mainly Christian travellers since it is said that this is where Jesus walked on water.

Going camping with more than twenty people, however, means that you want a big and somewhat private spot. That is exactly what we found, even in this highly popular summer location. It’s called “Susita Beach חוף סוסיתא”  and can be easily reached with the help of Waze!

Kineret pictures

In the beginning, you enter a parking lot, and you see a lot of people but when you park the car and start hiking down for about 5 minutes, you find – hidden between the trees – beautiful open beaches without people! And that is exactly where we set up our camp.

We brought all the equipment with us ourselves, but since it is so normal for Israelis to just camp anywhere, there are a lot of places where you can rent camping equipment for a big group and they even set it up for you!

The best thing about this campsite is that there are showers and toilets available near the parking lot and the facilities you can use for free. So the only thing you basically need to bring is something to sleep on, a bathing suit, some music and food and you are ready to go. A cheap getaway if you are travelling on a budget or want to avoid the high costs of summer in Tel Aviv for a few days.

Once you have set up camp, it is time to relax, rent a boat or a Stand Up Paddling board (SUP) and chill with friends.

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Tamar Efrati
Tamar Efrati is a student of Politics Psychology Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. After high school, she served in the Israeli army and upon her return to the Netherlands, she also worked for a year as the chairman of CIJO.

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