Reageer op: housing/roommate


Hi Eden,

Welcome to Amsterdam!

It indeed may seem hard to find housing, but please realise that in the end everybody finds a place! I didn’t meet anyone yet that ended up sleeping on the streets.

However… what is important… take anything that becomes available. Even if it seems expensive. You won’t safe yourself any money if you are waiting for a better deal. Again… take anything available! Just make sure it’s not long term. There is no point in looking for a long term rental before you arrive. At the end you most probably won’t be happy with the location or roommate etc and you will be moving anyways. Once you are in town you will meet other students that have things available and everything will fall into place and even for a good price.

For now… just take anything available… even a hotelroom. (they are actually very cheap at the moment as the country is in a lockdown).

Best of luck,

Give us a shout when you are in town!