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Shavua tov/have a good week. בס”ד
That’s a very good question Illai. Excellent that you are a thinker and that this is what is in your mind. Great question.
First of all, there is a well known and famous book ,the Kuzari, which talks about the debate that took place (a long time ago) between the king of the Kuzar people and a representative of the Muslims, Christians and the Jews. (In the end, after doing a lot or research and asking a lot of questions, the king of Kuzar and all Kuzar people converted by choice to Judaism). At a certain point, in the beginning of the book, the king asked the Jew “In who do you believe?” The Jew answered “I believe in the King, G-D, who took us out of Egypt. Then the king answered “that’s a silly answer, why don’t you say that you believe in the King, G-D, who created the whole world?” Then the Jew answered that creating the whole world is something very powerful but I didn’t see it with my own eyes nor did my ancestors see it with their eyes, but that Hashem (G-D) took us out of Egypt to be His people is the foundation of our belief, and our ancestors were the ones who were there and they told their children exactly what happened and they told their children etc like a chain until this generation. In all kinds of mitzvot for example Passover night, tefillin, kiddush on Shabbat, etc) we remember these events. G-D told us to do all of these mitsvot for multiple reasons and one of the reasons is that we won’t forget that G-D took us out of Egypt and that is the basics of our belief in G-D and the basics of Judaism. It also marks our beginning as a Jewish nation.
Now to answer your question, when someone wants to learn for an exam let’s say a physics exam. What’s easier, to remember the study material by yourself or when someone continues to ask lots of questions about the study material and you need to answer the person? I think the second case.
One of the reasons why we ask so many questions is because it’s the best way we will truly learn and “absorb” what we ask about. We will connect more to the important Jewish holiday, Passover, which is the basic foundation of our belief.(If you want I can write you in another message what exactly we believe in and what happened back then when G-D took us out of Egypt). Also the children who are the future generation will in this way learn in the strongest way (by asking so many questions) the importance of this night and what it means to be Jewish, and really internalize our faith in G-D.
Shavua tov,