Yes, definitely! Chabad welcomes several target groups. We are there for children, Young Professionals, whether they studied at University or not, and young families. So whatever group you consider yourself to be a member of, you will always find like-minded people with the same interests.
Check out our activity page to see what we can mean to you.

Chabad on Campus organizes activities for young Jewish people. We are the most successful organization in the Netherlands in reaching young people from zero to about 35 years old, who want to experience their Judaism together.

Participants are enthusiastic and keep coming back. Come and have a look for yourself!

We have cozy Shabbat dinners every week for students and Young Professionals. You are also welcome at the Chabad Cafes and the Jewish Learning Circle and of course at the Jewish holiday celebrations.
On Sunday mornings there are Jewish lessons for little children.
In addition to group activities, we help people with career coaching, housing, pastoral assistance or simply a sympathetic ear.

Chabad on Campus at the Amsterdam Zuidas focuses mainly on young Jewish people. Dutch and (temporarily or otherwise) foreign youngsters, established in the Netherlands, frequent our activities.
Tourists and other short-stay visitors are usually referred to a Chabad establishment that is more suitable for their purposes.

Chabad on Campus Netherlands is an independent member of Chabad on Campus International, represented at 348 universities worldwide. This international organization is part of the regular Chabad organization, currently active in 110 countries at more than 3000 locations.
The Dutch Chabad on Campus is almost entirely financed by Dutch private individuals and foundations.

Different activities all have their own character. At our Shabbat dinners we connect to the Jewish tradition, which makes the atmosphere a bit more formal than, for example, the Monday evening dinners.
What characterizes all our activities is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and to deepen your Jewish identity.
With every activity you can count on inspiring company, interesting conversations, and when applicable: delicious food.

Chabad strives to build and strengthen ties within the Jewish community. We want to connect people with their identity, religion and history and give them the opportunity to build friendships. In addition, Chabad on Campus recognizes the importance of knowledge transfer in all its forms. That is why we organize activities with prominent political figures and offer career coaching through our young leadership trajectory.

The various activities are attended by a unique mix of young people from different backgrounds. In general, you could describe the participants as modern, intelligent and friendly individuals who find it interesting to connect with each other and with their Jewish identity. Visitors to almost every activity are a combination of both foreign and Dutch students and young professionals. The vast majority of our community does not observe a strictly religious way of life.

• Housing support
• Jewish lessons (philosophy and law)
• Synagogue services
• Young Leadership program
• Rabbinical advice, coaching and mediation
(Click here for the complete list of our activities).

What does Chabad on Campus offer besides activities?

• Housing support
• Jewish lessons (philosophy and law)
• Synagogue services
• Young Leadership program
• Rabbinical advice, coaching and mediation

When the original student target group started families, Chabad on Campus grew with them. Today’s Chabad on Campus is committed to providing support to its community at all stages of its life cycle, ranging from major milestones such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Chuppot (marriages) to everyday events. For children who do not attend a Jewish school, Jewish lessons are held on Sunday mornings. In addition, Chabad on Campus provides Challa-Bake Events for children and Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes.


Meld je aan en ontvang het laatste nieuws en over Chabad on Campus en opkomende evenementen.


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