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At Chabad on Campus you will find a community with which you can connect, develop and find conviviality. Sometimes you may only be looking for only one aspect of what we offer, at other times you may want it all at once. Whether it is about deepening your religious knowledge, socializing on Shabbat, or the experience of connection in celebrating the Jewish holidays together, you will find it with us.

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Benny in the Spotlight – Amsterdam Municipality, Jewish Student House and Family #25

In this Spotlight, Benny recounts growing up in Amstelveen and near Breda, his job at the Amsterdam Municipality and growing up with a big family. 

Support and Change: Humanitarian Aid and Ukraine

In this blog, David writes about his experiences supporting Ukraine in Hungary and Poland.

Trip Tip #1: Neglected Beauty in the Negev Desert

In this week’s blog, Jonathan shares his first Trip Tip for the summer: visit the Negev Desert! He elaborates on the beauty of Mitzpe Ramon, Ein Gedi, riding camels and diving in Eilat.

Gal in the Spotlight – Hungary, Third Culture Kid & COVID, #24

In this Spotlight, Gal describes growing up in Hungary as a third culture kid, the impacts of COVID-19 on her mental health and her Jewish identity.

Do Not Keep Your Distance From the Community Any Longer

Bianka reflects on what is there “to stay” and what is there “to go” in the post-COVID Jewish community life.

Ethan in the Spotlight – Zionism, Antisemitism, and Diplomacy #23

In this extensive Spotlight, Ethan discusses his youth in Antwerp’s Jewish bubble, experiencing and battling antisemitism, and a future in diplomacy.

Noam in the Spotlight – Studying Abroad, Jewish in London & Israel #22

In this interview-style Spotlight, Noam discusses her family, Chabad in London and how she engages with Judaism.

Seven Famous Dutch Jewish People

This week, Gal introduces six famous Dutch Jewish people to familiarize internationals with Dutch Jewry and make Dutch Jews proud!

Malkhut: Improving Oneself by Finding Inner Strength

This week Jonathan connects the concept of ‘Malkhut’ to self-growth during the Omer by searching for inner strength to find leadership.

Naomi in the Spotlight – Positive Influence, (Jewish) Values and Security #21

In this Spotlight, Naomi talks about her childhood in Doorwerth, her vision of society, her Jewish identity, a future in the military, and (Jewish) values!

Tikun Olam for a Greener Future

Bianka shares her thoughts about the application of Tikkun Olam to solving issues of sustainability.

Quincy in the Spotlight – Kiesjeliesj, Baltimore & Jewish Identity #20

In this spotlight Quincy describes her experience growing up and being Jewish in the Amsterdam area, her love of Purim holiday foods and her time on exchange in Baltimore.

Blazing Fires & Happy Faces at the Lag Ba’Omer BBQ 2022

On Thursday May 19th, 2022, the Kick off the Summer Lag Ba’Omer BBQ took place! Were you unfortunately not there and do you want to know what it was like? Or would you like to see your pictures?

Pictures of Lag Baomer with Jewish Students and Young Professionals in Amsterdam

In the Spotlight – Wally #18

Wally comes from a small village in the north of the country. In this spotlight, he shares what being Jewish means to him and what role religion plays in his daily decisions and lifestyle.

In the Spotlight – Tamar #17

As chairwoman of CIJO, Tamar is actively involved in the Jewish community. In this spotlight, she candidly talks about growing up Jewish in a non-Jewish climate, her time in the army, her study choice and more!

The Slow construction of Jewish Student Communities

Ethan Bergman truly believes that creating young Jewish student communities should be a priority and contribute to the next step of Judaism’s wonders as adults. His experience at Maastricht University has shaped this experience.

Rise and Grind

Yaela Goossens shares in her blog the difficulties of finding the work-life balance and shares that the pandemic has taught her not to postpone good things for later. Since “later” may not allow the good stuff anymore.

In the Spotlight – Boaz #16

Boaz is a real travel fanatic, so his hobby is travelling. In this spotlight, he talks about his identity and how his family celebrates the holidays and of course about his favorite trip.

A fascinating journey

Nissim went on a special trip to Egypt. In this blog, he shares his experience and recommendations


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