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At Chabad on Campus you will find a community with which you can connect, develop and find conviviality. Sometimes you may only be looking for only one aspect of what we offer, at other times you may want it all at once. Whether it is about deepening your religious knowledge, socializing on Shabbat, or the experience of connection in celebrating the Jewish holidays together, you will find it with us.

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Fun Purim Festivities at Chabad on Campus in Amsterdam Bring Together 150 Jewish Students and Young Professionals

Chabad on Campus in Amsterdam brought together 150 Jewish students and young professionals for a lively Purim event featuring kosher food, mocktails, klezmer music, and the reading of the Megillah, allowing attendees to network and celebrate the holiday.

Judaism – a race, a religion, a nation, or an identity?

What is Judaism – a race, religion, nation or and identity? Magali J. contemplates in this column her thoughts about the subject. Enjoy the read!

The Aggressive Bus Driver

Podcast: Yanki zoekt Inspiratie | Itay Garmy (Gemeenteraadslid VOL) | PILOT


Interview met Esty en Yanki Jacobs het NIW – Sep 2022

De spil van de Zuidas. Tien jaar geleden streken Esty en Yanki Jacobs neer op de Zuidas in Amsterdam. Hun stichting werd al snel een spil voor Joodse jongeren. :Het succes heeft ons zelf verbaasd.” Tekst: Esther Voet Foto’s Claudia Kamergorodski

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Facing Rising Antisemitism

Bianka shares her thoughts on the worrying trend of rising Jew-hatred. She argues that it is important to embrace diversity within our own communities to remain united, instead of divided, while facing modern antisemitism.

Rachel in the Spotlight: Religion in Beit She’an, Diversity in Haifa, and Studying in Leiden #35

Rachel elaborates on her Moroccan and Dutch background, growing up in the small and religious town of Beit She’an, moving to multicultural Haifa and studying in Leiden!

Alexander in the Spotlight: Education About Israel and Antisemitism Outside the Bubble, Stumbling Stones and Diversity in the Workplace #34

Alexander talks about growing up in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, fighting disinformation and ignorance about Israel and antisemitism outside the bubble through education, stumbling stones and in the workplace!

Raphael in the Spotlight: The Jewish Mentality, from Antwerp to Rotterdam, and Extracurricular Activities #33

Raphael elaborates on the “Jewish mentality” that he was taught in Antwerp, studying Medicine in Rotterdam at eighteen years old, and how he balances studying and student life!
Budapest Dohany

Budapest’s Dohany Street Synagogue

Gal writes about the beautiful Dohany Synagogue in her native Budapest!

Isabel in the Spotlight: Chabad From New Jersey to Amsterdam, and Personal Development in the Netherlands #32

Isabel discusses the differences between Chabad in New Jersey and Amsterdam, why she chose to explore her Dutch roots in Amsterdam, and how her experiences in the Netherlands were crucial for her personal development.

Pictures Rosh Hashanah Dinner 5783 -2022

Photo Gallery Rosh Hashana 5783 – 2022, Amsterdam – Chabad on Campus – Netherlands
higher calling

Twists and turns – “Higher Calling” in Life

Bianka explores the difficult lives of three very successful people: Hardships lead to self-development, and the more difficult a life is, ithe higher someone’s calling!

Letitia in the Spotlight: London, Fashion Management, and the Importance of Chabad #31

Letitia elaborates on her childhood in London, moving to Nottingham to study Fashion Management, and her year in the Netherlands. Moreover, she stresses the importance of Chabad when you are far from home.

Be Careful Not to Politicize

Jonathan warns us not to politicize the a-political, as part of considering how to conduct discussions. Doing so benefits our communities and our personal development.

Adaya in de Spotlight: Rechten, uitwisseling naar Toronto en Chabad

Adaya vertelt over opgroeien in de Joodse bubbel, rechten studeren, naar het buitenland gaan naar Toronto en de rol van Chabad!

One Year in The Netherlands

Gal reflects on her first year in the Netherlands, sharing her favourite travelling locations within the small country.

Is it Kosher? – Exploring Kashrut Complexity of Food Additives

Bianka explores the complexity of food additives: what makes them kosher and do they need supervision?

Trip Tip #3: Camping next to the Kineret – Sea of Galilee

In Trip Tip #3, Tamar shares a beautiful non-touristy travelling site next to the Kineret!

Max in the spotlight #29: Chabad on Campus, Internships Abroad and Veganism

In this spotlight, Max talks about his visits to Chabad on Campus, internships abroad and his experiences as a vegan during Jewish holidays.