Spotlight: Scarlett – #38

Tell us something about yourself?
My name is Scarlett. I am from London, studying in Leeds: Film, Photography, and Media, and I am doing my exchange year in Rotterdam.

What can you tell us about your life in The Netherlands?
In The Netherlands? I love my life here; it’s very student-y, although there isn’t much Jewish presence. However, with Chabad on Campus, I’ve found my Jewish friends.

“The nicest part of Holland are the small towns that I visited, like The Hague and Utrecht”

How would you define Judaism?
Your Jewish identity? It’s a community you’re always a part of, no matter what, no matter what you relate to, no matter the circumstances. They are always there for you.

What does studying away from your home country give you?
It gives me the freedom to discover my own identity. In my own identity, a significant part of it is being Jewish. But I’ve only discovered that by being away from home.

What is the nicest part of Holland?
The small towns that I visited, like The Hague and Utrecht.

You know these are considered among the bigger cities of the country?

What does Chabad on Campus mean for you?
It’s a place where I can go to discuss problems that may not necessarily be discussed with friends and talk to people who understand me in a way you can’t explain.

How did you experience the Shabbaton in Prague?
It was amazing, unbelievable. I will definitely be back. I’m glad I’m a part of it.

Where do you see your future? Holland, London, or Israel?
All three are an option for me.

What do you wish for the Dutch Jewish student community?
I want to wish them good luck and the best experience during their time in University.

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