Young Jewish Community Celebrates Purim in Amsterdam South Despite War Concerns

This past weekend, around 250 young Jewish students and young professionals gathered in Amsterdam’s South to celebrate Purim, despite growing concerns about the war situation in the Middle East and uncertainty about hostages. The celebration took place at Chabad on Campus and started at 9:00 p.m. due to the Sabbath transitioning into Purim, according to the Jewish calendar.

This year’s theme was Glow in The Dark, a symbolic choice, given the global question within Jewish communities about how to celebrate Purim amidst contemporary unrest. “The Purim story is actually the story of a world that once rejected the Jews, about 2500 years ago, and yet here we still are,” noted one of the attendees. “The only reminder of that dark time is the Hamantaschen we eat with Purim, named after the evil Haman. Maybe in a few years, we’ll look back at this period and remember this time by eating Hamas Cookies.”

The atmosphere during the Purim celebration was lively, with the megillah read by Michael Bloemendal, cocktails provided by Jamey and Co, and young people enjoying themselves behind a photo booth. Rabbi Yanki and Esty Jacobs looked tired but with satisfaction at a successful and important gathering. The event, focused on socializing, brought tradition and fun together into the early hours.

Despite global challenges and uncertainties, the Purim celebration remained a beacon of unity and joy for the young Jewish community.

Purim Sameach!
(Happy Purim!)

Photos: Dirk Spits & Stephanie Abraham

Chabad On Campus Team

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